Everything you need to know about the future of ITO and BPO can be found here; from careers advice and recruitment, emerging skills and the future of work, leveraging social platforms in digital marketing and how to contract in the digital age, to what’s the next wave in robotics and AI, how Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will change the way we trade to the new contenders for the delivery destination crown.

With a full-on 2-day programme designed uniquely with the ITO and BPO sectors in mind, delegates are guaranteed to come away with everything from next practice guides in contracting for sourcing, insights into next-level cyberthreat - and to prevent it, how augmented and virtual reality plus gamefication are going to change the way we work and the very latest findings from research into RPA and AI, and AR/VR.

Topics Covered:

Future of Work / Future Skills / Recruitment
Digitalisation, Automation and Protectionism are just a few of the levers that, together with the chronic shortage of IT skills, are converging to create a perfect storm that threatens to disrupt global markets and delivery destinations. OSX speakers will define the problem, bring you the latest developments and outline potential solutions to help your business.

Sourcing Location Strategy
Whilst access to skills and talent is a high priority, the political, social and economic strength of ITO and BPO delivery destinations remains a fundamental consideration in sourcing strategy. Established and emerging locations come together to showcase the very best in nearshore and farshore capabilities, allowing you to compare and contrast – and define the destination of your future operations.

Technology in all its many forms is transforming the world at a scale and pace we’ve never experienced before. OSX will bring you insights to emerging technologies so that you can track, plan and stay ahead of the disruption curve, mitigating the risks and positioning your business to take full advantage of future innovation.

In an increasingly digital and globalised world, blockchain ledgers are expected to play a profound role in shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow. Blockchain solutions have already been implemented across industries like finance, security, health-care, and governance and this is only the beginning. Hear from the foremost experts on blockchain, learn about key accelerator programs that can help with your projects, tap into our knowledge centre and learn more about various certification programmes to accredit your organisation.

IoT, Cloud, Big Data & Automation
Where the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Robotics and AI converge, they create smart systems that are highly mobile, and able to communicate with one another as well as interact with the world around them. But where does this leave us mere mortals, and how can we ensure proper governance allowing us to take full advantage of this amazing technology without it overwhelming us.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest developments as well as insights and opinions on what might yet be coming over the horizon.

It’s long been argued that cryptocurrency may prove to be as disruptive as the founding of the internet itself; countries like China and South Korea have already banned trading, Japan has implemented a strict licensing regime and many Western Regulators are still wrestling with how to define cryptocurrency. So, how exactly will crypto impact your business and how can you position yourself to take advantage. OSX will seek to bring you the answers with some of the best experts and thought leaders around.

It might well have come and gone by the time OSX takes the stage, but we’re doubtful it will be forgotten. Stay up to speed with the impact, emerging issues and proposed solutions to the GDPR directive, helping you navigate your business and keep on the right side of the law.

What does the future hold from the inevitable increased scrutiny on outsourcing arrangements as a result of the collapse of Carillion and the latest Capita losses and rights issue. We have some of the best legal minds operating in outsourcing today providing insights and opinions on how you can protect your business and navigate the changing sourcing legal landscape.

Marketing Innovation
Discover how marketers are increasingly embracing storytelling alongside digital, AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality plus a multitude of social platforms to keep you clicking on the ‘Add to Basket’ button.

The most likely (and quickest) way to be put out of business. How can you be sure you have taken enough preventative measures? And if it does happen, what do you need to do to get back up and running as quickly as possible? Hear from the best experts in cybersecurity today, and learn the critical measures you can put in place to mitigate the risks of a cyberattack.

Smart Cities
We’re seeing more and more examples of Smart City transformations globally, impacting every conceivable sector from transport, energy, health care to water and waste. Learn more about what we’re doing to make our cities more liveable and resilient. Explore all the latest Smart City projects and technologies and acquire knowledge on future trends and developments.

Digital Transformation
Beyond the hype lies the daunting realisation that digital transformation profoundly changes the very fabric of an organisation, from back office operations to customer interactions; it’s not just limited to a suite of IT projects but also requires a fundamental change in organisational culture form the top down. Hear more about those businesses that are thriving - and learn from the mistakes of those that aren’t!

Selling Your Captive
Time shows that many of the reasons firms cite for creating or continuing with their own offshore facility - versus outsourcing to a third party - are flawed. Forrester Research has demonstrated that in the majority of cases, it is driven by personal reasons (e.g. an expatriate employee's urge to return to his or her home country for family reasons). As a result of the lack of management support, spiralling costs, skyrocketing attrition, and a lack of integration, more than 60% of the captive centres in India alone are struggling. Based on how they score on Forrester's 10-question Captive centre self-test, firms have four Captive exit options ranging from simply shutting down and going home to selling out to a third party. Sale, combined with optional Lease Back, may provide the ideal answer.

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